ISI Gourmet Whipped Cream Maker Review

ISI Gourmet Whipped Cream Maker
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A serious foodie that has been perfecting her cooking skills for the last 25 years in her home kitchen writes this review. My favorite cookbooks are "The Professional Chef" by the Culinary Institute of America and "Culinary Artistry". If you love to cook and entertain, this is a great item to have in your arsenal, I love mine.
After I read the book "Amuse Bouche" I knew that I needed one of these little gadgets to add to my collection. When I received this I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had more applications than I knew about.
You can use this device to make an espuma, gourmet sauces or flavored cream in a flash. An espuma is a foam prepared from a puree, coulis, cream, or juice. If you are trying to cut back on the fat this tool can be a big help. I like the Pineapple Espuma that is pineapple juice thickened with gelatin and a little powdered sugar. It makes a nice light treat that I use as a bed for mango chunks. Now fruit for dessert doesn't seem so much like deprivation.
You can also take a warm strained sauce and foam that. The booklet that comes with the device has recipes for a Curry Sauce and for Hollandaise. Any strained sauce would work. To keep the sauce warm you place the whipper in a 165-degree bain-marie.
If you want a decadent treat to top your coffee try this one. Heavy cream, a little powdered sugar and some caramel syrup. We did this one night and everyone raved.
For really fluffy chocolate mousse put the prepared mousse in this and see what happens. You get the fluffiest chocolate mousse you have ever put in your mouth.
If you are trying to reduce the additives and preservatives that your family consumes this makes a wonderful plain whipped cream. My husband likes it when I add cocoa powder and make him chocolate whipped cream.
If you are one of those people that love a good kitchen gadget give this one a try. I have really enjoyed playing with it. Just by adding a little "gas" to my cooking suddenly everyone thinks that I am a culinary genius.

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The iSi Cream Gourmet Whipped Cream Maker prepares fresh whipped cream in seconds. Add liquid whipping cream and twist in an iSi cream charger. It's that easy! For a special treat, add your favorite syrup to create a delicious flavored cream. Enjoy fresh whipped cream with coffee, hot chocolate, ice cream, or with your favorite dessert. The iSi Cream Profi includes two decorator tips, with metal thread, to add style and design to your creations. A recipe booklet is included, which will inspire your own creations. Nitrous oxide (N2O) chargers are sold separately.

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Bosch MUZ 4 MX2 Plastic Blender Review

Bosch MUZ 4 MX2 Plastic Blender
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I just love my Bosch MUZ 4 MX2 Plastic Blender. I can't believe how fast it arrived!! We were so excited to get it, that right away we started making smoothies with it.

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Designed to fit all Bosch Compact Series model stand mixers/kitchen machines whose model numbers begin with MUM 4, this 4-cup (1-liter) blender is made of virtually unbreakable plastic with a stainless-steel blade. NOTE:The blender has no motor and cannot operate independently of the kitchen machines. The sturdy four-pronged blade chops, blends, mixes, and pur??es foods and drinks, and easily crushes ice. The lid has a cavity and hole for adding oil to salad dressings and other emulsions. Its blade is permanently attached so cleaning the interior can be accomplished with hot water, a drop of liquid soap, and a brief whir of the motor. The blender stands 9-1/2 inches high and is dishwasher-safe. Calibrations marked on the exterior are in liters and cups.Features: Fits all Bosch stand mixer/kitchen machines whose model numbers begin with MUM 4 Chops, blends, mixes, purees, and crushes ice 4-cup (1-liter) capacity; stands 9-1/2 inches high Made of rugged plastic, with stainless-steel blade Dishwasher-safe

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Savoureux Pro Line ® Meat Grinder Review

Savoureux Pro Line ® Meat Grinder
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The Savoureux Pro Line Meat Grinder is not a good buy for anyone. It arrived in an undamaged box, but the motor assembly had broken loose from it's mounts and was rattling around inside the case. There were also plastic pieces loose inside. I have to think it is a badly made product if it can't make it through UPS's system without breaking inside. I followed instructions to get return & refund info and Heartland America responded promptly and courteously. The refund was processed promptly too. My only complaint about Heartland America is that I had to pay all shipping charges. I think they should have paid for the return shipping.

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Say so long to mystery meat! Make the freshest, most flavorful ground beef, sausages, meatloaf and more at home! Deluxe meat grinder is a dream machine for gourmet food lovers, hunters and homemakers - guaranteed freshness! Ever stop to wonder what's in that hot dog or hamburger you're serving to your family? This meat grinder lets you create fresh, top-quality meats and spreads in minutes. And if you hunt, think of the money you'll save on game processing! Heavy duty design has 1000W peak (200W continuous) power motor, three cutting plates, stainless steel blade, removable tray, 4' power cord and reversible switch in the unlikely event of a jam. Sausage attachment and cookie accessories incl. Easy to clean. 14 x 14 x 7.

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Personal Blender/Grinder Review

Personal Blender/Grinder
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I have an expensive and large Oster blender that I no longer use due to this Tribest blender. It is small. It cleans fast, unlike my Oster, and it is powerful considering its size. I use it daily, it has a small footprint on the counter, and it blends what you need for one person in the serving cup. I also use the serving cups and lids even when I haven't used the blender. They are very convenient tumblers.

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PB-200Versatile and portable for today s busy lifestyle, Tribest s Personal Blender allows individuals and families to blend multiple drinks without having to stop and clean a bulky blending jar for each recipe. Blend and serve your own individual drink right in your own Blend-N Serve cup, or take it to go with the secure and convenient lid.There s no extra mess to clean up and everyone gets just what they want. In under a minute, life just got a while lot tastier! It has 2 different modes of operation; 1) One touch pulse mode and 2) Push and twist continuous mode. The polycarbonate cups are made from the same material as bullet proof glass to make them virtually unbreakable. Features: -Complete blender and grinder set -2 large polycarbonate Blend-N-Serve cups and lids -2 small polycarbonate Blend-N-Serve cups and lids -4 Lids - three regular lids and one commuter lid-Blending blade -Grinding Blade -200 watt motor -Overall dimensions: 13.4H x 21.67W x 15.76D -Warranty valid only for orders shipped within US; not applicable to Canadian orders

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NewAir AF-330 Portable Evaporative Swamp Air Cooler with Built-In HEPA Air Purifier Review

NewAir AF-330 Portable Evaporative Swamp Air Cooler with Built-In HEPA Air Purifier
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The AF-330 NewAir Evaporative Swamp Cooler with Special HEPA Air Purifier is a pretty good swamp cooler with just a couple of flaws. As with all swamp coolers, it isn't going to make your room feel air conditioned, but in dry climates, it is good to sleep with it blowing over you, or it is good to get raise the humidity levels somewhat. Now for the good stuff first about this unit.
For starters, the 13-liter water tank means that you won't have to fill it as often. Most portable swamp coolers I've owned only had a 10-liter tank which means they don't last more than 8-hours on "cool." There's also an ice tray to add ice for additional cooling effect.
Next on the plus list are the air filter system. In addition to the standard foam filter, it comes with a HEPA filter and a carbon filter. Combined with the ION setting, this really seemed to make an improvement in air quallity. After a month of use, I haven't noticed the normal "swamp stench" that swamp coolers usually get. I don't know if those filters are the reason or not, but there you go.
The fan is much more powerful than any previous portable swamp cooler I've owned. Even at the low setting, the fan works pretty good when sleeping in front of it.
The controls are pretty standard. You get the 1-8 hour timer, oscillating louver control, 3 fan speeds, "cool" function (to activate the swamp cooler function), and ION control. The unit comes with a handy remote control which handles all features, which is great for controling the unit while in bed. ^_^
There were two negatives. The biggest is adding water to the tank. The portable swamp coolers I've owned before have had a convienent port on the side of the unit were one can add a gallon of water to the tank in a few seconds. This unit has no such port. Instead, water has to be added to the top of the unit where a small section is partitioned off from the ice tray to add water. As such, it only holds a small amount of water and the drain into the tank isn't very large. So it can take a couple of minutes to empty a gallon of water into the tank. That's pretty tedious, especially when you are tired and just want to go to sleep.
The other problem I had was with the documentation. As you note, the product description proudly mentions the carbon filter. The box the unit comes in proudly mentions this. And a carbon filter comes sealed with the unit. Initially, I thought that maybe this was some sort of water filter since I've used carbon filters for fish tanks and for water pitchers. However, there is NOTHING in the documentation that says anything about the carbon filter. The regular foam air filter and the HEPA filter are mentioned, but that's it. Since it didn't seem to obviously go into the water tank (that is a bit of a pain to get to) and it did fit the back panel where the air filters are, I put it back there. But does it go before or after the HEPA filter? Some documentation would have been nice.
The final negative about the unit is purchasing replacement filters. I found none on Amazon's site. Air & Water, the company from which the unit actually came, has a website, and while ordering the unit directly from them gives you the option to purchase additional filters, their website has no place to just purchase replacement filters. That's pretty stupid if you ask me.
Bottom line: There are many good things about this swamp cooler to include the HEPA filter, carbon filter, larger water tank, ION feature, and greater fan power. The lack of a good water input port, no information about the carbon filter, and a lack of ease to aquire replacement filters weren't enough to stop me from giving this an overall "buy" recommendation.

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When you need supplemental cooling or an alternative to air conditioning, consider eco-friendly swamp coolers such as the NewAir AF-330. This evaporative swamp cooler delivers refreshingly cool air for just pennies day - much less than traditional air conditioning!
8 Hour Programmable Timer: Keep your cooling completely energy efficient by programming it to switch off automatically at a chosen number of hours ahead. You can either set the machine to turn off 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours ahead or keep the machine running continuously by turning the timer off.
3 Selectable Fan Speeds: There are three air speeds that are selectable to customize your cooling experience. The settings are low, medium or high.
Fixed or Continuously Sweeping Air Flow: The swing button on the control panel switches the oscillation feature on for evenly distributed cool air. For fixed air flow, the oscillation can be turned off once the oscillation louvers are in your desired position.
Built-in Ionizer, Carbon Filter, and HEPA Filter: The ionizer can be turned on to introduce negative ions into the air. The carbon filter eliminates odors and the HEPA filter removes up to 99.97 percent of particles from the air.
Revolutionary Cooling Pad: This expertly designed water cooling pad never needs to be replaced.

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F. Dick 7'' off Set Bread/ Utility Knife. Serrated Edge. Review

F. Dick 7'' off Set Bread/ Utility Knife. Serrated Edge.
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I bought this as a gift for my partner who is a huge fan of No Reservations (as am I). This was what Tony said he needed if he could only have one tool in the kitchen. We love it!!

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This F. Dick Superior-series bread / utility knife has been designed forprofessional users. The combination of its classic, timeless design and thelight riveted handle make this bread / utility knife a tool that meets highquality standards. 7 Length. Offset. Serrated Edge. Stamped.

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VillaWare V5785 Smoothie Bar Blender and Server, Stainless Steel Review

VillaWare V5785 Smoothie Bar Blender and Server, Stainless Steel
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My experience with this machine:
Got this on closeout for thirteen bucks back in Dec '04. I was thrilled with my purchase until the first time the housing worked itself loose and the Smoothie Bar vomited sticky stuff into the silverware drawer. After that I was careful to turn the housing in a *counter-clockwise* direction to tighten it (haven't they ever heard of lefty-loosey, righty-tighty?) and had no more problems there.
By May or so two teeth broke off the blade housing. ::sigh:: Called customer service and was promised a new *free* blade housing in 7 working days. I started out pretty psyched, but 3 calls and a month later, was finally told the part was on backorder (guess we know why, huh?). I was also given the third degree by a rude employee who acted like I was trying to pull one over on them. Spoke to the manager who sent me a blade housing in another color, so I was back in business...until the plastic pitcher cracked and the spout broke off. I've owned the thing for 7 months, and used it heavily for only about 3. The only original part still going strong is the motor.
I don't get it. Why the cheap plastic? The motor is powerful enough to mow my lawn and the blades zoom through ice, frozen fruit, and nuts to blend smoothies to perfect consistency. So why engineer this thing with a plastic housing, pitcher, and pour spout? I'd be willing to pay twice the price for glass and metal. Instead I get to add another disposable product to our ever-growing landfill.

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7 cup capacity smoothee blender and server with smoothee spout to serve even while mixing.700 watt pulse power.Stainless steel housing and drip tray. Includes Dmoothee Stick to break up air pockets and large pieces. Fits glasses up to 6 3/4" high.

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